Scientific literature abounds with information and data as to the effectiveness of reinforcement based training. If one can accept that science is correct in its research and analysis, then it is difficult to understand any reluctance to use collars (halters) that are designed to be non-punishing, and which promote the use of the principles of learning. Dogs don’t speak human – they communicate with each other through body language, physical and vocal interaction. The Gentle Leader® applies pressure in a similar manner as does the dog’s mother, allowing you to communicate in the dog’s own language, both physically and psychologically, that you are in charge.

The Gentle Leader® offers a whole new concept in canine behavior management. Solving your dog’s day-to- day behavior problems will no longer be the difficult and time consuming problem it once used to be. You will be able to easily train your dog not to pull or lunge on leash when you are walking, to sit on command and come when called. Jumping on people, incessant barking and inappropriate chewing can soon be brought under control. Teaching basic commands and gaining control and attention of your pet will occur easily and quickly.

The Gentle Leader® is exactly that, it is GENTLE. It does not physically punish! It does not choke! It does allow for kinder interactions with your dog that will promote an increase in the human-animal bond. The Gentle Leader® is not a muzzle. The dog is still able to open its mouth to eat, drink, pant, bark and even bite. The Gentle Leader® allows you in extreme situations to keep your dog’s mouth closed with simple upward pressure from the lead.

The Gentle Leader® headcollar is scientifically designed to work with a dog’s natural instincts to respond and obey its pack leader. The neck strap applies gentle pressure to the back of the neck rather than the throat. The nose loop controls the head without discomfort. The combined effect works in conjunction with your dog’s natural reflexes to produce a calming effect on excitable dogs and a subduing effect on dominant dogs. This provides tremendous advantages to owners in handling of behavior problems. The non-punishing aspect reduces the possibility of the dog demonstrating aggressive behaviors towards the handler, ensuring maximum safety for trainers. The attachment point of the lead to the harness is beneath the muzzle, allowing maximum control of the dog by the handler. Where the muzzle is directed the body must follow. This allows less physically strong and less capable people to have greater control over their dogs. It should be remembered that most pet owners do not take their dogs for obedience training. Pet owners want quick reliable solutions to pulling when walking, barking and coming when called by all members of the family. Animal shelters are filled with dogs that owners could not get to comply with these basic desires. The Gentle Leader® provides solutions for the novice pet owner while still providing control and expediency in training for the pet owner that desires to take training to a higher level.

The Gentle Leader® does not choke and does not cause pain nor does it in anyway affect the facial nerves. There is no documented evidence of the Gentle Leader® causing misalignment of the spine, subluxations, or physical damage to the cervical vertebrae. Professional Animal Behavior Associates investigates all complaints and has yet to disclose any evidence that would support physical structural damage as a result of the Gentle Leader®. To date over six hundred thousand Gentle Leaders® have been sold in Canada.

The Gentle Leader® was developed, tested and supported by veterinarians, behaviorists and trainers worldwide. No other product is so widely used and endorsed by the most respected professionals in the fields of training, behavior and veterinary medicine. It is the #1 recommended headcollar by behaviorists worldwide. The Gentle Leader® offers people who love and respect dogs a new way to promote desirable behavior and strengthen human-animal bond with their pets.

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