Gentle Leader® Head Collar – Benefits

Scientific literature abounds with information and data as to the effectiveness of reinforcement based training. If one can accept that science is correct in its research and analysis, then it is difficult to understand any reluctance to use collars (halters) that are designed to be non-punishing, and which promote the use of the principles of learning. Dogs don’t speak human – they communicate with each other through body language, physical and vocal interaction. The Gentle Leader® applies pressure in a similar manner as does the dog’s mother, allowing you to […]

Training a Dog is a Step-by-Step Process

Animal training is most commonly accomplished through a process that is known as shaping. If one were to teach a dog to jump over a stick, you could hold the stick out and wait until the dog jumped over it. You would then reward the dog for jumping over the stick, increasing the likelihood that it would do it again. However, this could take a long time, or, perhaps, the dog might choose never to jump over the stick. In order to expedite the training we would use the techniques […]

Rules for Training Dogs

1. MAKE LEARNING FUN FOR BOTH YOU AND YOUR DOG By using patience, praise, and rewards healthy dogs of any age can learn. 2. TRAIN THE DOG THE BASIC COMMANDS AND TO WALK ON LEASH Come, sit, stay, down, down-stay, and heel on leash are beneficial and easy behaviors to teach your dog. 3. USE ONE WORD COMMANDS Avoid combining commands with the dog’s name, which should be used to get the dog’s attention. Too much talking to the dog allows the command to get lost in the verbiage 4. […]

Training your dog

Training a dog provides us with a mean of communication with our pet.  We can let the dog know what we want and keep our pet safe and happy.  The Head Collar provides us with a tool that will humanely make training easier, quicker and more efficient. A brief guideline is provided for basic training and managing of some common behavioral problems.  If you continue to experience difficulty it is strongly recommended that you seek the assistance of your veterinarian or of a professional canine trainer or behaviorist. All training […]

Clicker Training

HOW TO CLICKER TRAIN YOUR DOG In recent years traditional methods of training dogs with devices that inflict pain or punish such as the choke collar have been undergoing increasing scrutiny. The dog is the only animal that is training through choking. It is well documented in the scientific literature that there are accepted principles of learning which if used and applied properly will make the training of animals of all species, including dogs, easier and more efficient. Any behavior is more likely to reoccur if it is followed immediately […]

The Ten Foot Indoor Training Lead

The ten foot indoor lead has been designed for indoor use only.  It is specifically constructed without a handle so that it will not catch on objects or furniture. [A ten foot indoor lead can be fashioned from a light (1/4” or less) line, attached at one end by a snap leaving the other end without a handle.]  The indoor training lead helps control, train and prevent unwanted behaviors such as barking, jumping on people or counters, stealing and chewing. If the dog is performing and undesirable behavior, quietly pick […]