“Behavioral Medicine has become an important part of most high quality veterinary practices. Which now offer pet selection consultations, puppy socialization classes, dog training, and assistance in the resolution of pet behavior problems. Of all the equipment and technologies currently available for implementing a behavior plan, the most consistently useful has been the Gentle Leader®/Promise System.

Gentle Leader® has provided me with a tool which is easy for the client to understand and use, one which does not produce pain for the pet or exhaustion for the owner and one on which I can count for consistently positive, rapid and durable effects. I believe that the Gentle Leader® System is one of the best tools which a canine practitioner can use.”

Dr. Walter BurghardtBehavior Clinic for Animals and Referral Practice, San Antonio, TX; Past President, American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior, National and International Speaker, Author and Co-author of Articles and Book Chapters on Behavior

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