The ten foot indoor lead has been designed for indoor use only.  It is specifically constructed without a handle so that it will not catch on objects or furniture. [A ten foot indoor lead can be fashioned from a light (1/4” or less) line, attached at one end by a snap leaving the other end without a handle.]  The indoor training lead helps control, train and prevent unwanted behaviors such as barking, jumping on people or counters, stealing and chewing. If the dog is performing and undesirable behavior, quietly pick up the end of the lead and interrupt the dog’s behavior with a loud “HEY” or other short sharp sounds, while at the same time, gently pulling the dog to your side with the lead.  Make the dog sit and reward the dog for sitting.  IT IS IMPORTANT TO REWARD A DESIRABLE RESPONSE AND EQUALLY IMPORTANT NEVER TO ATTEMPT PUNISHING AN UNDESIRABLE BEHAVIOR.  The ten foot lead prevents the dog from running away and being rewarded with a game of “chase”.

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