Fitting the Gentle Leader Headcollar

Step 1

Remove the Headcollar from the box and lay it out on a flat surface. Identify the various components, then attach a lead to the “O” ring.

Step 2

Release the Neck Strap Buckle and stretch the Neck Strap out horizontally so that the Nose Strap with the Lead hands down to form a “T”.

Step 3

Place the Neck Strap high on the back of the neck against the base of the skull and close behind the ears.

Pull the excess folds of skin and fur back from under the Neck Strap and fasten the Neck Strap Buckle.

The Neck Strap should be high enough on the front of the neck to be above the Adam’s Apple (larynx) thus preventing choking.

Step 4

Tighten the Neck Strap so that it is difficult to place one finger under it (like a watch band).

A snug Neck Strap allows the Nose Strap to be loose enough to allow the dog to open its mouth freely, eat, drink, pant, and play ball.

The Nose Strap is not a muzzle!

A snug fitting Neck Strap prevents the Nose Strap from rotating on the nose and chaffing the skin.

Step 5

Undo the Neck Strap Buckle and loop the Nose Strap over the nose. It may be helpful to gently massage the bridge of the nose before placing the Nose Strap to help the dog become accustom to the feel of the Headcollar.

As well, you can encourage the dog to put his nose through the Nose Strap with a tasty food reward.

Step 6

Position the Nose Strap as high under the neck as possible (above the Adam’s Apple) and close the Neck Strap Buckle.

Step 7

Adjust the length of the Nose Strap by pulling it forward on top of the nose until it just reaches the fleshy part of the nose. Then close the Nose Strap Clamp. If you can pull the loop over the end of the nose, the dog will be able to as well.

Step 8

When fitted properly, the Nose Strap is behind the corner of the mouth and the dog is able to open its mouth normally.

Unlike collars that encircle the neck, the Gentle Leader Headcollar cannot cause choking when the Neck Strap is properly fitted above the Adam’s Apple.