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“To promote efficient canine learning and a sound understanding of canine behavior through the integration of science and humanity.“

Professional Animal Behavior Associates (PABA) was formed in 1992 with a goal to provide an understanding of the scientific principles of learning and the humane application of the same in the training of our canine friends and companions. PABA held canine educational conferences for twenty-five years with guest experts from around the world providing cutting edge information regarding learning and training methods.

In 1993 PABA obtained the manufacturing and distribution rights to a product called “The Promise System“. This was later renamed “The Gentle Leader®”. We believed then and still do that this was the most important and humane canine training and control device of the 20th century.

The Gentle Leader® is the number one recommended head collar by certified behaviorists and veterinarians. Worldwide sales have surpassed six million units. More than six hundred thousand have been sold in Canada.

The Gentle Leader® is a non-punishing, headcollar designed to humanely assist in training and managing your dog’s behavior, but can also be used as an all-purpose collar. It is very effective in controlling dogs that pull on a lead.

Scientific literature abounds with data as to the effectiveness of reinforcement-induced training. The non-punishing design of the Gentle Leader® encourages handlers to concentrate on positive reinforcement methods of training while fully complying with the basic principles of learning. It complies with our goals of training in that it is non punishing. (Pain is not produced so aggression is not aggravated and the dog’s trachea is not endangered.) It encourages the use of reward based training. It proves to be pleasant and fun for the dog and should be for the handler. This enhances harmony with our dogs and leads to an increase in the human-animal bond, a goal which as canine enthusiasts we all want to achieve.


Dr. Donal McKeown -Retired Head of the Animal Behaviour Department, Ontario Veterinary College – READ BIO

Dr. Jack Halip –Masters of Science in Animal Behaviour, Ontario Veterinary College – READ BIO